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Finding Our Why

adversity that led to an opportunity

The result of these experiences is that my daughter and I realized that real estate is the industry we want to build our careers in with an emphasis on thoughtful and purpose driven customer service. We want to help others avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that we made along the way even though it led us to this great place and opportunity.

So Avenlie was born.

A real estate group built on personal experience and adversity, driven by compassion and a hunger to learn everything about the industry. 

Home begins here, with Avenlie Real Estate Group.

As Louisiana natives, my daughter and I had never planned to live in Texas or get into the real estate industry. We had always worked in hospitality, customer service, and sales. As so many others have experienced, the pandemic and shutdown severely limited our work opportunities, and we were unsure of how our economic future would look in a small struggling community. But leaving wasn't really an option until a series of unfortunate events in 2020 led us to relocate to Spring, Texas. 

Of course, the pandemic had a huge negative affect on our lives, and in August 2020, our home was damaged by Hurricane Laura. We had no choice but to find somewhere else to live. Due to the widespread damage inflicted by the storm, we decided to take a big chance and move to a larger city in a larger state while hoping the move would offer us a new beginning with more income potential. 

Our relocation experience was not easy, smooth, or well-informed. The relocation company that facilitated the move was a national brand and could not offer us any advice on our new location including safe neighborhoods, local amenities, apartment comparisons, or anything that you would want to know about your new city. So, of course, our first apartment in Spring was right off I-45, loud, slightly dangerous, and already in disrepair even though it was only 4 years old.

After a few months of learning about the area, we were able to move to a much nicer, safer, and quieter apartment that was brand new and empty when we first moved to Spring - if only we had known.

Nearly a year after Hurricane Laura, our house in Lake Charles was finally renovated, and we were eager to list it in the low-inventory seller's market. Even though it was a small house with simple but tasteful finishes, we received a full price offer within 1 hour of it hitting the MLS. The closing took place a month later.

Hi  there,

I know that the real estate market can be intimidating and confusing, but it's my mission to guide you through the process with strategic market knowledge and a deep integrity that puts my clients' best interests first.

Buying or selling your home is a huge milestone, and I will be there to support you through every step. Because you're not just another transaction or commission to me. You deserve sincere and intentional service that leads you to the best possible outcome.

So if you have fears or are hesitant to begin the process of buying or selling a home, please allow me to assist you in your journey.

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